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‘On Pointe’ derives it’s strength from it’s principal Ballet dancer Khushi, a  Ballet artiste, who has striven with great dedication and discipline to dance on ‘Pointe’.

The world of classical Ballet; the most graceful and ethereal dance forms of all time, is nevertheless tough and demanding, and requires sustained physical and mental strengths to finally dance on one’s toes (pointe).

Although trained in the Royal Ballet school style from RAD (Royal academy of dance), Khushi brings the Cecchetti style; a more direct offshoot of the original Russian ballet school into her lines and movements.

Khushi is also a trained graduate in Bharatanatyam in the original styles of ‘Kalakshetra’ from ‘Samyukta’. The founder of this gurukul Smt.Jeethy, provides deep inspiration and support with over 45 years of experience in choreography, stage craft, and top end performance.

Visit <www.samyukta.org>

Together they plan to weave the best of both these great dance forms into a new expression – classical yet somehow Indian in appeal.

Khushi is also a trained classical western pianist and is training for the highest performing grade.  She plans to impart this skill to her students as well.

Finally, Khushi draws on the administrative support, and creative excellence of the parent organisation ‘Sinerjetik’.   

Visit <www.sinerjetik.co.in>