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Student’s Attire

The uniform includes a white or mild pastel pink, collarless and sleeveless (or very short sleeve), cotton hosiery knit ‘T’ shirt for the top, and white cotton hosiery knit legging. The Top and legging should be plain and not have artwork or designs on them.

Shoes required for girls are pink canvas/leather ballet slippers, and are best purchased through consultation with the school director.
Pointe shoes are to be purchased under the advice of the school director.
Uniforms and shoes can be procured through the school at additional cost, or arranged directly by the students themselves.


Please purchase ballet shoes from an approved retailer who is able to properly fit the shoe to the participant’s foot. If the school is advised in advance, then arrangements will be made by us to procure it for you.


Hair should be secured tightly in a bun. No jewellery or make up is allowed to be worn in class.

Attire for Adults

Adult participants may wear any clothing that is comfortable and easy to move in, preferably a cotton ‘T’ shirt, and leggings of their choice. Ballet slippers or socks on feet, or even bare feet are appropriate for this class, as street shoes are not allowed on the dance floor.