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The ‘On Pointe’ Ballet School fuses multiple styles of ballet training to create a curriculum that is uniquely ours. We have incorporated fundamentals and best practices from the styles of RAD (Royal academy of dance), and the Cecchetti style; a more direct offshoot of the original Russian ballet school; into our lines and movements.

Most importantly dancers here have the option to train in multiple other Indian classical dance formats; chiefly Bharatanatyam, ( visit and for those who prefer less rigour – other forms like Contemporary, Modern, Character etc.

Behind the grace, elegance and beauty of a ballerina lies her sheer strength and years of hard work. We have taken careful steps to minimize dance related injuries while maximizing strength, endurance and flexibility.

The well rounded curriculum at the ‘On Pointe’ Ballet School has been designed into levels appropriate to the age, maturity and dance expertise of each student. Students will elevate to higher levels in a systematic and progressive manner.

Full time students at our ‘Gurukul’ will receive serious training in classical ballet technique, pointe, variations, adagio, etc as well as modern, character, choreography, dance history, music, pilates and yoga.

Our commitment to students is to offer professional, serious, and responsible training. Our goal is to develop each dancer’s skills to their highest potential, inspiring them with the love of dance in a friendly and respectful environment, transforming passionate students into versatile artists, with a holistic perspective of dance and it’s environment, in India, or abroad.

Those truly desiring to convey an Indian narrative through a global recognition of movement: Whether for pure enjoyment or professional pursuits; the ‘On Pointe’ Ballet School will combine artistic expression and solid classical dance technique with physical discipline to develop coordination, self-confidence, and a mastery of fundamental and advanced movements, in a safe and nurturing environment.

If you want to dance your dream, then this is it !